OUR STRATEGYPillars of sustainable development of PSE

Equal pillars, which are also areas of sustainability for our organisation, include:

  1. Guarantor of energy security
  2. Exemplary investor
  3. Responsible employer
  4. Reliable partner
  5. Industry expert

Figure 2. Priority areas for sustainable development of PSE

01. Guarantor of energy security

Objective: To maintain an appropriate level of energy security in a socially and environmentally responsible manner

Our primary regulated activity is fulfilling our obligations as the national transmission system operator. We manage the national power system by balancing the demand for electricity with the generation of electricity from generation sources available in the NPS.

We take part in the creation of the European electricity market and actively participate in the development of Europe-wide initiatives undertaken by operators associated in ENTSO-E.
The power transmission grid must take into account changing energy generation technologies and locations of generation sources both in Poland and Europe.

We are aware of the challenges of climate, environmental and social changes and the need to adapt all our activities to meet these challenges.

02. Exemplary investor

Objective: Winning the favour of the investment environment

We plan and implement transmission grid projects across the country. This is the fundamental condition for ensuring continuous and reliable operation of the transmission system and maintaining national energy security. Regardless of the type of our business impact on the environment, we always listen to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

The highest diligence in conducting investment tasks is to ensure that the values of the natural environment will remain available for future generations, and projects will be implemented with the acceptance of local communities, in a manner that does not collide with the broadly understood public interest.

03. Responsible employer

Objective: Providing employees with professional development opportunities and building corporate culture based on accepted values

PSE employees - their knowledge and commitment - are the foundation of the company's success and sustained growth. We focus on providing our company with high-class specialists who, by fulfilling the company's mission and strategic objectives, build its high market value. We offer a safe and friendly work environment. We focus on reliability, credibility and accountability.

04. Reliable partner

Objective: Focusing on transparency and ethics in dealing with partners

We attach significant great significance to the way we build relationships with our partners. We play a leading role in the power sector, which translates into responsible decision-making and actions towards other participants of the electricity market in Poland.

We strive to create a sustainable future for all our internal and external stakeholders. Transparency and diligence, equal treatment of all market participants, and preventing corruption through transparent and effective procedures in cooperation with other electricity market participants are of great importance to us.

05. Industry expert

Objective: Building and maintaining the TSO's image as an expert in key legislative and opinion-making forums

Thanks to the competence and experience of our employees, we are perceived as a partner for cooperation with legislative bodies, state and local administration units, as well as with scientific institutions and industry organisations.

We take an active role in lawmaking. We make efforts to ensure the development and transparency of the electricity market.

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