At PSE, systematic activities are carried out to increase the efficiency of energy use, i.e. to save energy. These works consist in improving energy efficiency in spheres related to the modernisation of equipment and buildings and the way they are used.

In 2022, activities for the energy audit in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Efficiency Act of 20 May 2016 continued at the branches (ZKO) and at the head office of our company in Konstancin-Jeziorna. The audit was carried out by an external company and one of the outcomes was the identification of modernisation and other measures aimed at improving the energy efficiency. Some of the audit recommendations are implemented on an ongoing basis, while other are at the planning stage. In addition, other actions are also taken to improve energy efficiency.

Below we present a summary of measures to improve energy efficiency implemented in 2022 and planned for coming years by location.


Activities performed in 2022:

  • Replacement of lighting fixtures with LED fixtures;
  • Continuous training and optimization of the way electrical and sanitary installations are controlled from the BMS;
  • Increasing the switching temperature of the free-cooling system to the operation of chillers supplying cooling to the building;
  • Increasing heating curves on central heating circuits;
  • Lowering the temperature of water in the heating circuit of boilers installed at the PSE head office.

Activities planned for coming years:

  • Replacement – along with optimisation of the quantity and method of operation and control – of UPS equipment with modern energy-saving equipment (implementation is underway, completion scheduled for August 2023);
  • Continued successive replacement of luminaries with LEDs (including replacement and modernisation of lighting in KDM);
  • Replacement of 5 condensing units, supporting the air handling unit coolers operating for the KDM, with newer equipment with variable capacity control (scheduled for 2024);
  • Replacement of split-type air conditioners installed in ICT nodes (planned date 2025);
  • Replacement of the water system (scheduled for 2024).


ZKO Bydgoszcz

Activities performed in 2022:

  • Modernisation of office lighting by replacing fluorescent luminaries with LED luminaries;
  • Modernisation of the central heating substation including expansion of central heating substation control automation and replacement of valves with control fittings.

Activities planned for coming years:

  • Modernisation of central heating in the premises of the administrative building and garage premises (scheduled for 2024);
  • Replacement of fluorescent lighting with LEDs in the first-floor outdoor parking lot (scheduled for 2023/2024);
  • Modernisation of the power system, including UPS equipment (scheduled for 2026).


ZKO Poznań

Activities performed in 2022:

  • Replacement of internal lighting in offices and corridors from fluorescent to LED luminaries.

Activities planned for coming years:

  • Comprehensive thermal upgrading of the main building (2023–2024);
  • Modernisation of the supply system, including UPS devices (2024–2026);
  • Continued successive replacement of luminaries;
  • BMS implementation (2024–2026).


ZKO Katowice

Activities performed in 2022:

  • Replacement of LED lighting in buildings B1, B2, B4, and B5;
  • Renovation of the fuel pit and water pipes between buildings B1 and B2.

Activities planned for coming years:

  • Modernisation of air conditioning and ventilation in buildings B4 and B5 (June 2023 to February 2024);
  • Replacement of fluorescent lighting with LEDs in buildings B4 and B5 after completion of A/C modernisation (2024);
  • Continued successive replacement of fixtures in building B1 (office spaces);
  • Replacement of windows in building B1 (2023);
  • Thermal upgrading of building B1 (March 2024 to November 2024);
  • Modernisation of power systems, including UPS equipment (January 2025 to February 2027);
  • Modernisation of sanitary facilities in building B1 (June 2025 to November 2026);
  • Modernisation of the supply system, including UPS devices.


ZKO Radom

Activities performed in 2022:

  • Replacement of LED lighting in corridors on floors 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the BUT building;
  • Installation of compensation systems in the main building and BUT building.

Activities planned for coming years:

  • Construction of a new modern head office with high energy efficiency (2022–2025).


ZKO Warsaw

The building, where PSE leases office and technical space, is LEED Core and Shell certified, which means that it meets high energy efficiency requirements.

Our plans

Provision of infrastructure for all ODMs and KDMs allowing for fully functional primary and backup power dispatch points.

The modernization of the power supply system along with the replacement of UPS equipment working for, among other things, the KDM, is planned at the head office of the company in Kontancin-Jeziorna. Full modernization of the power supply infrastructure is planned at ZKO Katowice, Poznań and Bydgoszcz, with an emphasis on providing double-circuit uninterruptible power supply for ODM and RCN.

Our efforts are expected to improve power supply safety and indirectly increase energy efficiency through the use of modern high-efficiency equipment, such as UPS.

With an eye on maintaining high energy efficiency, a separate issue is the construction of a modern new head office in Radom, with the KDM backup ODM.

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