IMPACT ON SOCIETY AND EMPLOYEES (S)Flagship community projects

Assumptions of PSE social action

As PSE, we understand that we share responsibility for the development of local communities in areas where we carry out activities related to network projects or the operation of the existing infrastructure. We therefore carry out campaigns for them in order to improve the quality of life of residents of the communes and counties where we are active.

In 2021, PSE supported long-term initiatives in areas such as:

  • environmental protection,
  • health promotion,
  • security,
  • Education;
  • Improving the quality of life for citizens;
  • action to eliminate inequalities.


Creation of a green belt and purchase of an external air quality monitoring device

PSE business area:

  • Construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The Socio-Cultural Association 'Razem dla gminy Wilga' ('Together for the Commune of Wilga') installed an air quality monitoring device in the centre of Wilga village. The aim of this campaign was to contribute to the environmental awareness of the commune residents – this device shows air quality, which is affected by, among other things, the burning of rubbish in furnaces.

The newly created green belt and the vegetation planted there have a positive effect on air quality. In addition, the site serves insects by providing them with shelter and food and enhances the aesthetic value of the area. The association has committed to replenishing the planting on an annual basis.

The project was completed in September 2021. The project reached approximately 5,000 beneficiaries.

Initiative area: HEALTH PROMOTION

Cash donations for local governments to fight COVID-19

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Ostrołęka–Stanisławów line,
  • construction of 400 kV Mikułowa–Świebodzice line,
  • modernisation of 400 kV Krajnik–Morzyczyn and Morzyczyn–Dunowo line,
  • modernisation of 400 kV Ostrów–Kromolice line,
  • extension of 220/110 kV Rożki power substation,
  • investment project to connect Offshore Wind Farms to the Polish Power System,
  • construction of 400 kV Baczyna–Plewiska line,
  • construction of 220 kV line between Nysa and Ząbkowice-Groszowice tap, including the construction of 220/110 kV Nysa substation,
  • construction of 2 x 400 kV line between Trębaczew and the tap into Joachimów (Rokitnica)–Wielopole line.

Value of the donation: PLN 422,301.

Provision of 23 donations for the purchase of personal protective equipment for commune offices in PSE investment areas. The aim of the initiative was to provide necessary devices and equipment to improve the safety of their employees.

The equipment purchased included ozonators, air sterilisation and purification devices, UV-C lamps, disinfection mats, portable virus and germicidal lamps, decontamination devices and non-contact thermometers.

Among the local authorities which received the support were the Communes of: Choczewo, Długosiodło, Dobromierz, Gryfino, Jadów, Jaraczewo, Kowala, Krokowa, Krotoszyn, Linia, Lubiszyn, Łęczyce, Nysa, Odolanów, Platerówka, Przodkowo, Siekierczyn, Słupsk (rural commune), Strachówka, Sulików, Świerzawa, Zabrodzie and the City of Zabrze.

Availability of rehabilitation services for seniors

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Ostrołęka–Stanisławów line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The aim of the Senior+ Club project in Dzwonek, in the Commune of Czerwin, was to provide, free of charge, specialised rehabilitation equipment for physiotherapy at the place of residence. A multifunctional apparatus for electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and ultrasound laser therapy was purchased along with a mobile massage bed.

Dzwonek is an agricultural village located 20 km from the nearest town. Limited access to health centres and the lack of public transport contribute to the abandonment of preventive medicine measures. The project aimed at giving support to club members and residents of Dzwonek and surrounding villages whose injuries and deteriorated body condition contributed to illnesses and problems in advanced age.

The project ended in November 2021. More than 1,100 people can benefit from the specialised equipment.

Initiative area: EDUCATION

Purchase and installation of a virtual chemistry laboratory

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

Primary School No. 4 in Otwock launched a virtual chemistry laboratory. The facility does not have a chemistry fume hood or student stations to carry out experiments by traditional means, so the virtual laboratory has created learning opportunities for children and young people.

As part of the funding, a computer with software and VR goggles were purchased to enable chemistry experiments in line with the core curriculum. The use of innovative technology makes it possible to ensure the safety of pupils.
The package includes programmed experiments for primary schools, lesson plans for the teacher and laboratory cards with instructions and tasks for pupils.

The project implementation was completed in October 2021 and reached approximately 500 pupils.

Pilot edition of the 'POWER Academy' programme

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line,
  • construction of 400 kV Ostrołęka–Stanisławów line.

Project value: PLN 349,145.

The Power Academy educational programme is aimed at primary school pupils in Years 7 and 8 with physics, geography and biology in the core curriculum.

It involves raising general knowledge of electricity, the safety of energy use and building awareness for the needs of Poland's energy infrastructure expansion and modernisation. Its main goal is to familiarise pupils in Years 7 and 8 with the ins and outs of energy, power generation and energy transmission using content-intensive educational events..

The intermediate goal is to build acceptance for the projects implemented by PSE and to raise awareness of their importance for the functioning and development of the economy, while building public acceptance for these projects.

Many spectacular experiments were prepared for the pupils: with the use of a Van De Graaff generator, they were able to produce their lightning by themselves, investigate what plasma is, check the power consumption of various devices and the electromagnetic field strength. They could also run a high-voltage line between the power station and the city on a special diorama.

As part of the first phase targeting pupils from 16 communes, 51 events were held in 24 schools. A total of 1,357 Year 7 and 8 pupils from 82 sections benefited from the lessons.

Pilot classes were held in the Communes of: Wiązowna, Magnuszew, Sobienie-Jeziory, Wilga, Stanisławów, Strachówka, Urle, Zabrodzie, Wyszków, Poręba, Długosiodło, Goworowo, Ostrołęka, Wąsewo, Czerwin and Troszyn.

The campaign was carried out in September and October 2021.


Purchase of life-saving equipment and gas detectors for seniors

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The Sulejówek Volunteer Fire Brigade is strengthening the safety of the residents of the "Senior+" Day Care Centre – the unit purchased 24 carbon monoxide detectors for them. They were installed in the homes of the elderly people, which also had an impact on the comfort of their daily lives.

In addition, technical rescue gloves for 22 firefighters and rescue equipment – firefighters' discharge hoses and an electric submersible pump – were purchased within the project. Increasing the unit's firefighting readiness has been beneficial to the residents of the commune. With the right emergency preparedness, the volunteers can focus on helping where they are needed.

The project was implemented in August 2021 and reached approximately 20,000 people.

Organisation of a free kayak rental service for residents of the Commune of Halinów

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The "Halinów Team" Pupils' Sports Club purchased six double kayaks with a set of oars and life jackets and trailers to transport them. The club car was also adapted so that equipment can be transported safely.

The aim of the project was to increase access to tourist kayaking also among people with limited financial possibilities, to popularise this form of physical activity and to encourage the residents of the Commune of Halinów to spend their free time in beautiful natural surroundings.

As part of the promotion of this project, kayaking trips were organised on the surrounding rivers – the Świder, Vistula, Długa and Liwiec.

The project implementation ended in August. Around 100 people used the equipment during the first summer season.

Marking out bicycle routes in Wiązowna

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Kozienice–Miłosna line.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The project of the Commune Cultural Centre in Wiązowna is part of a long-term project, the concept of which consists is developing sightseeing tourism in the commune areas of special natural beauty.

In 2021, PSE supported the realisation of the third stage of the cycle routes in the Commune of Wiązowna, which lead along asphalt roads, dirt roads and, at exceptional points, forest tracks and cycle paths.

By creating trails, residents will be able to walk through the commune, passing historic buildings, natural monuments and sports infrastructure, such as playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and newly created street workout areas, along the way. The routes are suitable for experienced riders as well as amateurs, families with children or seniors.

Thanks to PSE support, directional signposts typical of bike routes were installed along this route. The plaques are made of metal, which is resistant to weather conditions. This will help them last longer in the field. The trail runs along the route Glinianka–Czarnówka–Rzakta–Bolesławów–Kruszówiec–Wola Karczewska–Glinianka.

The project was implemented from August to December in cooperation with 'Mazowsze' Branch of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) from Warsaw, with the technical support of the Social Cooperative "Odmiana" from Wiązowna. It reached over 4,000 people.


Purchase of computers and a projector for the Public Library in Mińsk Mazowiecki

PSE business area:

  • construction of a 400 kV line between the Warsaw agglomeration and Siedlce.

Project value: PLN 20,000.

The Public Library in Mińsk Mazowiecki acquired 7 computer sets and a projector for educational activities addressed to people at risk of digital exclusion, mainly seniors.

As part of 'From Library to Media Library' project, workshops were held for the elderly and people with disabilities, during which participants learned the basics of how to use the equipment, including starting up a computer and using a mouse, logging on to Windows, familiarising themselves with the word processor, as well as creating and printing text. The workshop participants were wards of the CARITAS Day Care Centre of Warsaw-Praga Diocese in Minsk Mazowiecki and seniors from CENTRUM Medical Day Care Centre..

The project was implemented in September 2021. 12 people participated in the workshops. Approximately 20 visitors to the library used the equipment per day.

Construction of an outdoor gym and extension of an inclusive yard with stations for people with disabilities

PSE business area:

  • construction of 400 kV Baczyna–Plewiska line.

Project value: PLN 19,999

The Community Self-Help Home in Pszczew created an outdoor gym adapted to the needs of people with mobility impairments, including those in wheelchairs.

The main concept of the project was to create a place for safe activation of adults with disabilities through the purchase and installation of suitably adapted exercise stations. Being able to use external equipment contributes to removing architectural barriers in the community and reduces divisions that prevent people from enjoying social life.

The outdoor exercise space further promotes the integration of residents and provides an opportunity to build self-reliance and a sense of independence. The main beneficiaries were the wards of the Community Self-Help Home.

The project was implemented in August 2021 and reached 31 people.

Key figures

total value donated by PSE for social actions in 2021.

projects, including 120 projects through community sponsorship, 43 through donations, and 1 through service outsourcing implemented in 115 communes and counties in 11 voivodeships.

beneficiaries - entities that benefited from PSE's social support in 2021.

value of in-kind and financial donations for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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