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International industry organisations and associations to which PSE belongs

ENTSO-E – European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, which plays an important role in building a common electricity market. The core business of the organisation is to undertake activities for the reliable operation and development of interconnected power systems, while ensuring security of electricity supply within the common EU electricity market. ENTSO-E plays an important role in the implementation of the EU's third and fourth energy package, taking responsibility for the development of a number of documents – in particular network codes containing provisions necessary for the development of a single EU electricity market.

Polish Committee of Large Electrical Networks (PKWSE) – one of 58 national committees acting on behalf of Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques (CIGRE), the world's largest international association of experts dealing with issues related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. PKWSE acts on behalf of CIGRE by promoting the association's activities in Poland. It currently has 6 supporting members and over 112 regular members.

Cooperation within CCR – Poland is included in three Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR): CORE, Baltic and Hansa, formed at the request of all TSOs by the decision of the EU Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in November 2016. In the working structures established in the aforementioned regions, representatives of the individual TSOs, including PSE, are conducting works aimed at implementing market mechanisms the design of which will ensure the ability to effectively, freely and securely trade electricity across borders. The actions cover all market segments – from long-term markets, through the Day-Ahead Market (in the form of the Market Coupling mechanism), to the Intraday Market – and are related, among other things, to the implementation of a coordinated transmission capacity calculation process, a coordinated security analysis process including the division of costs of countermeasures applied in the process, and the implementation of the Market Coupling mechanism at the NPS interconnections.

Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) – an international non-profit association representing the Central European power sector, which aims at promoting the integration of the Central European power sector within the common EU energy policy. The Chairman of the CEEP Board of Directors is a representative of PSE.

National industry organisations and associations and CSR initiatives to which PSE belongs

Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) – a non-governmental creative organisation of scientific and technical nature, acting for social and public benefit. It is a voluntary association of electricians of all specialties, persons whose professional activity is related to widely understood power engineering, as well as legal persons interested in the association’s activities. The scope of the SEP activities includes: electrical engineering, power engineering, electrical power engineering, electronics, radio technology, optoelectronics, bionics, information technology, computer science, telecommunications, automation, robotics and other related fields.

Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTPiREE) – an organisation whose main objective is to take actions for the comprehensive development and rational use of networks and equipment for transmission and distribution of electricity. The association strives to initiate, promote and utilize technical and organisational progress in the transmission and distribution of electricity, and supports the development of the electricity market.

Polish Economic Society [Polskie Towarzystwo Gospodarcze] (PTG) – an association of employers that focuses on community building and responsible business based on conservative values. They are a guarantee of personal and professional success. The aim of the Polish Economic Society is to protect the rights and represent the interests, including the economic interests, of its members towards trade unions, governmental authorities and local government authorities. The mission of the organisation is to represent the interests of its members, to work for the improvement of business conditions and to restore Polish entrepreneurs to their rightful place in economic and social life.

Partnership for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – an initiative started by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and representatives of over 100 entities, including PSE, for the implementation of sustainable development goals. These goals correspond to the content of the United Nations’ 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development, or – in short – the 2030 Agenda, adopted in 2015. The Agenda has set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the implementation of which is to contribute to building a more sustainable future, in particular to eliminating social and economic inequalities, while ensuring simultaneous development connected with preserving the natural environment in the best possible condition, and limiting the negative effects of climate changes (goal No. 13).

Responsible Business Forum – the largest non-governmental organisation in Poland, dealing with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Its mission is to take actions aimed at sustainable development, inspire business that changes the world, and integrate people who change business. The association was founded in 2000 as a result of the initiative of business, academic and non-governmental circles, and has the status of a public benefit organisation. Since 2002, the Forum is a national partner of CSR Europe – a network of organisations promoting the concept of responsible business in Europe.

Sports and Tourism Society „Sport i Energia” (“Sport and Energy”) – sports organisation founded by PSE employees in 1998. The organisation pursues its statutory objectives by providing affiliated and non-affiliated employees of PSE with the following: access to sports facilities, opportunities to participate in organised sports competitions and to represent PSE in sports competitions within the power sector, and by supporting the integration of company employees.

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