OUR STRATEGYBusiness strategy for 2020-2030

PSE Strategy for 2020-2030 is consistent with the vision of a modern electricity market. It is focused on the priority needs of providing services that make the power system resilient, cybersecurity, and the development of energy market information operator services. Meeting these challenges over the next few years requires a major mobilisation of management and all our employees.

PSE values

PSE's core values are reliability, credibility and accountability.

PSE is a reliable partner for energy consumers, generators, distribution system operators, market operators, capacity markets, the regulator and the Polish Government. The Company ensures continuity of electricity supply in the short and long term based on measures to effectively manage threats to the continuity of electricity supply from the transmission grid.

By its actions, PSE confirms that it has all the necessary competences to perform the function and mission entrusted to it. The stability of our operations and the sustainability of our relationships with business partners are guaranteed by our organisation's strict adherence to corporate governance and internal procedures.

In all activities undertaken, our organisation cares about future generations, the natural environment, the country's energy security, and the position of the Polish economy in the world.

Defined values of PSE give rise to ideas which at the same time are guidelines for conduct for all employees of our company. These are: modernity, professionalism, partnership, development, openness. Acting in accordance with these ideas allows to work calmly and effectively and to grow professionally and personally in an uninterrupted manner.

Challenges and strategic objectives of PSE

PSE Strategy for 2020–2030 is a vision of a modern energy market. It was prepared using a strategic planning by business capability method called capabilities based planning. This method, developed by the U.S. RAND Institute, involves defining challenges, identifying goals and initiatives, allocating resources to initiatives, and tracking the progress of initiatives and their results.

The PSEs identified 6 major challenges and 17 goals that should be achieved over a 10-year horizon.

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