MANAGEMENT (G)Supply chain

Supplies at PSE are essential for maintaining the Polish power system, implementing investment projects and ensuring the functioning of the company’s offices. We are constantly improving our supply chain so as to purchase goods of the highest quality efficiently and on the right dates.

The company's supply chain primarily provides the implementation of tasks in the areas of:

A structured supply chain is aimed mainly at optimising costs and minimising purchasing risks. PSE's purchasing model is organised based on two purchasing units:

  • Central Investment Unit makes purchases for the purposes of investment projects;
  • Administration and Procurement Department makes all other purchases.

Our organisation has a comprehensive and structured catalog of purchase product range covering eight categories: car fleet and logistics, construction works, design and renovation services, specialist services, ICT, technical

The main types of supplies contracted by the Central Investment Unit (investment projects accounted for 49.62 percent of the value of all supplies in 2022) by purchasing category are:

The main types of supplies contracted by the Administration and Procurement Department (apart from investments, they accounted for 50.38 percent of the value of all supplies in 2022) by purchasing category are:

1. Supplies to the Telecommunications Department (22.42 percent of all supplies);

  • Office licenses
  • Installation and implementation of new IT systems
  • Hardware products
  • Other IT licenses
  • System licenses
  • Business licenses, including ERP
  • Servers, matrices, libraries
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Network devices
  • IT systems maintenance services.

2. Supplies to the Operations Department (13.39 percent of all supplies);

  • Electricity
  • Overhauls and modernisation of power substations
  • Current and voltage transformers
  • Electrical materials
  • Other overhauls and modernisation
  • Automation systems
  • Steel structures
  • Removal of failures at power substations
  • Other technical equipment
  • Operational works on EHV lines
  • Fire protection equipment and services
  • Transformers and transformer parts
  • OPGW cables
  • Construction of electrical power lines
  • Transformers.

3. Supplies to the Administration and Procurement Department (11.19 percent of all supplies);

  • Security
  • Work and protective clothing
  • Trucks
  • Office supplies
  • Other technical equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Other technical materials
  • Press and books
  • Energy and nutritional meals
  • Transformer stations
  • Equipment of buildings
  • Specialised vehicles
  • Additional equipment
  • Power supply systems and battery banks
  • Network devices.

4. Supplies for the Security Department (3.32 percent of all supplies);

  • Additional equipment
  • Motor fuels
  • Specialised vehicles
  • Other IT licenses

and others for the Energy Metering Office and the Human Resources Department (together 0.06 percent of all supplies).

Amount of capital going to local suppliers

In 2022, PSE signed in total 104 supply agreements with a total worth of PLN 227,704,646. As much as 98.04 percent of the value of supplies (100 agreements) went to Polish contracting parties, while 1.96 percent (4 agreements) to foreign contracting parties.

Contracts awarded to local suppliers accounted for 0.74 percent of the value of all contracts, while those awarded to nationwide or foreign companies accounted for 99.26 percent. This is due to the fact that the supplies for PSE include a very wide product range of the best quality, supplies must go to many regions of Poland, and contracting parties must meet a number of criteria so as to fulfill the requirements for cooperation with the company – PSE works with proven contracting parties with impeccable reliability.

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