IMPACT ON SOCIETY AND EMPLOYEESPSE's priorities for HR development

We ensure employee competence development, leading to results compliant with strategic objectives. 
The strengths of the PSE's human resources are its high level of expertise and high level of education. This results from our fulfillment of the Transmission System Operator function, which requires a number of unique employee competencies, including those in the area of power dispatch, project implementation and ensuring the maintenance of network assets and transmission grid availability on an expected level.

HR policy and presentation of HR priorities

The foundations of HR policy are PSE's values and corporate culture, and their development – the three pillars of our policy: Values, High Quality and Improvement. The HR policy in force at PSE is addressed to all PSE employees and defines key areas on which the effective implementation of the strategy depends.

All our activities addressing professional development of employees are aimed at:

  • ensuring that the organization provides as much support as possible in achieving business objectives,
  • ensuring that the quality of intellectual resources in the organization is a priority activity,
  • taking care of the continuous, planned development of employee competence, consistent with the needs of the organization,
  • improving the efficiency of cost management related to the implementation of HR processes,
  • creating an organizational culture focused on building the highest quality of work,
  • providing system solutions to support intellectual resources management,
  • creating an image of PSE as an attractive employer inside and outside the organization.

Competency model

In 2022, we continued our work on developing a catalog of professional competencies covering the knowledge and professional skills necessary to perform the tasks assigned to a given position. More substantive areas in the departments of operations, system management, technical standards and data communications were gradually included in the work.

At the same time, we worked on a catalog of personal competencies which include, first of all, company-wide competencies (resulting from the strategy, necessary for the performance of professional tasks in each position) and managerial competencies, important for the continuity of business processes in the company.

The solutions worked out as part of the competency model are developed in close cooperation with the business side, also because business employees will be the key beneficiaries. The basic idea is to develop tools to support the achievement of the set strategic objectives and to introduce system solutions to support managers in the process of human resources management, so as to be able to attract, retain and develop employees with competencies that meet the current and future needs of the organization.

In our organization, we do not employ the so-called co-workers whose work is controlled by our company.

Employee development

Continuous improvement of employee competence is an important element affecting the effective implementation of tasks arising from the strategic objectives of our company. PSE conducts a number of development activities that focus on providing the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the proper operation of the National Power System. Similarly as in the previous years, two dedicated development programs aimed at the Operations Services and the Dispatching Services were important elements of the development activities in 2022.

All PSE employees, regardless of their position and seniority, were able to take advantage of the training available as part of the training catalog. A significant part of the training activities continued to be carried out online. In addition, in 2022 PSE implemented a new training solution, the so-called EDU-MIX training, which combines participation in workshops conducted by trainers with the possibility of enhancing knowledge on one's own through e-learning.

The following forms of development are available within the training catalog:

  1. Managerial training courses Manager's Academy in which we offer executives and managers tailored training to improve managerial and leadership skills;
  2. Specialized and expert training  – covering topics related to the tasks carried out by individual employees;    
  3. Training to develop soft skills  – improving personal skills and supporting effective task performance;
  4. Adaptive/initial/periodic/on-the-job training  – covering all groups of employees regardless of the functional area and hierarchy and providing the baseline, universal knowledge necessary for the job;
  5. Professional conferences.

In addition to attending various training courses and industry conferences, employees improve their qualifications also by taking advantage of subsidized study and language courses.

E-learning courses

In 2022, PSE provided employees through the e-DeK platform with training on a variety of topics to improve their knowledge and skills, which they can use as and when they need it or as recommended by their superiors. Some of the materials provided were mandatory training courses on topics including cyber security, information security, integrated management system (IMS), OH&S, and labor law for managers. Our company's extensive library of optional training courses covers various areas, such as creativity, effectiveness, communication, stress management, project management, self-motivation, team building and change management.

A new training series ─ first aid training pills, was very popular with employees. Each of the short, recurring training sessions discussed a different emergency response issue. The training provided employees with the opportunity to learn the proper procedures in the case of choking, fainting, loss of consciousness and sudden cardiac arrest. The training pills are one of the numerous activities carried out by PSE to improve employee safety.

Annual average number of training hours per employee by employment structure and gender
E-DeK system

PSE uses the SAP SuccessFactors platform (hereinafter: e-DeK system) to comprehensively support training processes. It enables training to be more effective thanks to unrestricted access to educational content for employees, streamlines the document flow, and allows quick access to information.

The Learning Management System module, the first to be implemented in 2020, is widely used in making various forms of training available to employees (e-learning, training with a trainer, mixed, sequential, recurrent training, etc.), and also proves to be effective in the area of periodic OH&S training management, and supports the implementation of the training plan.

In 2022, in our company the interest in onsite training significantly increased, although training with a trainer offered in an online form remained very popular. E-learning courses have now become a regular feature of the extensive training offer. The system's ability to provide ongoing reporting and performance monitoring means that the e-learning formula is also increasingly being used to design and conduct mandatory training.

In 2022, the SAP SF platform gained a modern homepage that is intuitive and user-friendly, with convenient functionalities that make it easier to navigate the system. The platform is used by all PSE employees on an ongoing basis.

Considering the capabilities of the system and the positive experience relating to its operation to date, further development of the system and implementation of more modules, such as onboarding, objectives and assessments, and succession and development, is planned.

Recruitment and employer branding activities

Good relations with employees begin with the first contact with job candidates, so we attach great importance to the quality of our recruitment processes. In 2022, we continued to conduct recruitment procedures primarily remotely, but regardless of how we conduct meetings, we make every effort to ensure that the processes are professional and transparent. We are particularly keen on attracting new employees from among university graduates, which is why we participated in job fairs and offered opportunities for students and university graduates to gain their first work experience through internship programs.

Internship programs

Energetyczny Staż internship program

In 2022, PSE launched the 9th edition of the Energetyczny Staż Internship program for students and graduates who can demonstrate very good academic results.

The goals of the programme are as follows:

  • sourcing young talent from the market,
  • building a positive image of PSE as a responsible employer.

In 2022, PSE took on 7 interns under the programme.

“Energy for the Future” internship program

In 2022, we continued our participation in the “Energia dla Przyszłości” [Energy for the Future] internship program carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Climate and Environment and companies from the power sector (PKN Orlen, PGNiG, PGE).

The goals of the programme are as follows:

  • building human resources for the Polish power sector by attracting the best students from technical universities interested in working in this sector,
  • familiarizing interns with the specifics of working in the country's key power companies and the Ministry of Climate and Environment,
  • preparing interns for employment in the power sector.

In 2022, PSE took on one intern under the program. The internship was organized in a hybrid form (remotely and onsite), while meeting sanitation and safety restrictions.

Energy Academy

In 2022, the 11th edition of the Energy Academy took place. This is a training and education project of the Lesław A. Paga Foundation, addressed to those who see their future professional careers in the power sector. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to participate in the best apprenticeship in the industry.

As part of the 11th edition of the project, training meetings were held with managers and experts from the System Management Department to discuss selected aspects of operating the National Power System and the importance of cross-border electricity exchange for power security. A separate module entitled Leadership was devoted to leadership. PSE managers also developed and presented a case study that the participants worked to solve.

Job fairs

In order to increase the effectiveness of recruitment processes and attract the best candidates to work at PSE, in 2022, PSE participated in selected job fair events:

  • Online IT Job Fair (spring edition),
  • IT Job Fair at Warsaw University of Technology (fall edition),
  • Future Energy Congress in Toruń,
  • Data Science Machine Learning Edition,
  • Career Day organized by the Student Energy Society at Warsaw School of Economics on the occasion of the Future Energy Summit,
  • Open Day at the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (spring and fall editions),
  • Graduate Talent Days in Wrocław and Katowice,
  • Jobicon Festival.

PSE also took part in the Business Networking Day networking game prepared for students of Warsaw University of Technology as part of the Open Day of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering. Our organization also presented job, internship and apprenticeship offers to students of Warsaw University of Technology in the Catalog of the 25th Job and Internship Fair for IT and Electronic Engineers at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, as well as in the prospectus for students and future students.

Other initiatives to support the recruitment

We continued employer branding efforts by promoting job offers on the company's LinkedIn profile, and by conducting the “Piątki z rekruterem” [Fridays with a Recruiter] information campaign on LinkedIn. In July/August 2022, Digital+ advertising campaign was carried out in cooperation with service, with the aim of promoting PSE's job offers, i.a., in social media (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram). In December 2022, the implementation works for the candidate experience survey were completed, in which we collected the opinions of PSE recruitment process participants on the evaluation of the process through a questionnaire. The collected data will help us optimize our recruitment processes.

Employee performance appraisal system

In 2022, as in previous years, all PSE employees were subject to a periodic performance appraisal. The appraisal of employees in specialized positions was carried out on a quarterly basis and concerned the level of task performance. Persons in managerial and executive, expert and legal advisor positions were covered by the Management Through Objectives individual salary incentive system. The Management Through Objectives system is a comprehensive and result-oriented method of evaluation, fostering increased staff commitment to the achievement of strategic objectives, and facilitating the monitoring of their achievement. The settlement of objectives takes place on a six-monthly basis.

Support for difficult conversations

PSE employees have contact with various people, both inside and outside the company. In order to improve the quality of communication, but also in response to the challenge of continuous safety improvement, PSE organized a series of webinars on preventing aggression and conducting difficult conversations. Meetings with specialists: a psychologist, a police negotiator and a mediator, were enhanced by a package of podcasts. The company's employees and managers were very interested in the proposed topics.

Creating a space for employee development – mentoring

Due to the unique function performed by PSE – the transmission grid operator – the employees of our organization need to acquire specialized knowledge in many fields. A barrier in the company's process of obtaining new information on the specifics of different areas is the rather complex organizational structure of PSE. In response to these challenges, a mentoring program was established to support the exchange of expertise among employees and enable the establishment of new contacts within the organization.

Participation in the PSE mentoring program is voluntary. Participants can range from those who want to share their knowledge with others to those who want to gain specialized knowledge from other company employees. At the beginning of each edition, workshops are held to prepare participants for their roles as mentors and their mentees. Participants are then paired up according to their reported development needs and the knowledge offered by the mentors. Mentoring pairs independently ensure the regularity of the meetings and the implementation of the agreed objectives. During the entire edition, both mentors and mentees have the opportunity to benefit from the support of the program's mentors. In addition to working in pairs, the program also offers the opportunity to gain knowledge during the mentoring lectures, in which in-house experts share their expertise in various fields, allowing for learning more and more about PSE. The lectures are held 2–3 times a month and are very popular with both the mentees and mentors, as well as those who do not participate in the program.

In 2022, the first edition of the program ended and the second began. In the second edition 66 mentoring pairs were formed.

Employees covered by a collective labor agreement*

New hires in 2022

Leavers in 2022

Remuneration of entry-level employees by gender, in relation to the minimum wage

Fringe benefit equivalent

Employee health benefits and programs

PSE provides an extensive benefits package. In 2022, our employees could use, among others: Employee Pension Scheme, meal subsidies, preventive programme, holiday subsidies for employees and their families, housing loans, subsidies for nature schools as well as nurseries and kindergartens for the employees' children, and subsidies for cultural activities. PSE employees could also use the “You Can Count on Us” support program, which allows employees and their immediate family members to receive free consultations with psychologists, financial advisers, and lawyers. 

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