IMPACT ON SOCIETY AND EMPLOYEESFlagship community projects

Assumptions of PSE social actions

As PSE, we understand that we share responsibility for the development of local communities in areas where we carry out activities related to grid projects or the operation of the existing infrastructure. We therefore carry out campaigns for them in order to improve the quality of life of residents of the communes and counties where we are active.

In 2022, PSE supported long-term initiatives in areas such as:

  • Environmental protection
  • Health promotion
  • Security
  • Education
  • Improving the quality of life for citizens
  • Action to eliminate inequalities.


Monitoring of illegal landfills

PSE:PSE business area: Modernization of the 400 kV Krajnik-Morzyczyn and Morzyczyn-Dunowo line

Project value: PLN 19,927

The main objective of the project implemented by the Kobylanka municipality was to reduce degradation and improve the environmental status in the municipality by preventing littering of municipal roads and forests with large-size, electrical and electronic waste. The municipality, despite a well-functioning system for collecting waste from residents, faces the problem of dumping waste along rarely traveled municipal roads. This is usually waste that is very expensive to manage, such as tires, chemical packaging and construction waste.

Due to the equipment purchased with a grant from the Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie program – photo traps and a drone, as well as proper training – the Kobylanka Municipal Guard has the tools and competence to monitor areas particularly vulnerable to pollution from various types of waste. The implementation of the project will allow the identification of waste dumpers and, as a result thereof, will reduce the municipality's financial expenses for managing waste from illegal landfills, play a preventive role and improve the municipality's image.

The equipment has been at the disposal of the Municipal Guard since September 2022, and the beneficiaries of its activities are not only residents of the Kobylanka municipality, but also tourists vacationing in the area – a total of approx. 15 thousand people.

A series of zero waste tailoring workshops

PSE business area: Offshore Wind Farms

Project value: PLN 20,000

The “Towarzystwo Dolina Raduni” Association, under the Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie program, received a grant to implement a series of upckcling workshops. It is part of a broader concept of a closed-loop economy, in accordance with which resources that have already been produced should be used as long as possible, being repaired or adapted to our own needs, thus saving resources and protecting the environment from further degradation. The initiative called “Mocni w szyciu” was addressed to residents of the Pruszcz Gdański municipality. The idea for the project emerged a few years ago, when an interest in all kinds of DIY activities was noticed among female residents – sewing, doing handicrafts, crocheting.

As part of the project, sewing machines, materials and other small sewing equipment were purchased, and training was organized with respect to basic skills, run by a sewing instructor. The equipment will be used to continue activities in the formula of open clubs operating in rural community centers. The project was completed in November 2022. The grant awarded by PSE enabled the purchase of ten sewing machines, threads and fabrics, and approx. 30 people benefited from the workshops.

Initiative area: HEALTH PROMOTION

Increasing access to specialized diagnosis for autism

PSE business area: Offshore Wind Farms

Project value: PLN 13,312.03

The objective of the project implemented by the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic in Puck was to increase access to specialized diagnosis for autism for children attending educational institutions in the Puck district. One of the priority areas of the clinic's activities is the early diagnosis of the disease, for which specialized diagnostic equipment is essential. Thanks to funds obtained from Polskie Sieci Energetyczne under the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program, new Ados-2 equipment has been in operation at the clinic since June 2022. As a result thereof, the waiting time for diagnosis is much shorter and it is free of charge without the need for a referral.

The direction of the Puck clinic’s actions is very important, as the number of people needing help due to suspected or already diagnosed autism is steadily growing. Faster diagnosis provides the opportunity to start therapy earlier and offer appropriate assistance to people with autism spectrum disorder, which significantly increases their chances of better cognitive, emotional and social functioning.


Purchase of rehabilitation equipment for use by residents with health problems

PSE business area:  Construction of the 400 kV Mikułowa-Świebodzice line

Project value: PLN 19,560.51

The objective of the project implemented by the Municipal Social Care Center in Siekierczyn was to purchase rehabilitation equipment in order to make it available free of charge to residents of the municipality who face health problems. The phenomenon of an aging population also affects the residents of the Siekierczyn municipality – at the time of the project's implementation, more than 800 residents reached the age of over 65, illnesses and disabilities also occur, and as a result thereof, there is a growing need for rehabilitation equipment to facilitate daily functioning in the home and community environment. In the past, residents repeatedly asked the center for assistance in renting or supplying rehabilitation equipment, but the center did not have it at its disposal to limited funding for its activity.

Due to the grant awarded as part of the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program, equipment of nearly PLN 20 thousand was purchased, including both rehabilitation equipment to assist in daily functioning, such as a balcony, as well as equipment necessary to regain mobility after accidents and injuries, such as crutches, wheelchairs and walkers. The equipment has been available to residents since October 2022.

The beneficiaries of the project are all residents of the Siekierczyn municipality, more than 4 thousand in total, including people with health problems, the family members who support them on a daily basis, and those who will be affected by similar problems in the future. The purchased rehabilitation equipment will serve the residents for many years, and any repairs and maintenance will be performed regularly by an employee of the facility.

Initiative area: SECURITY

Safety town for preschoolers

PSE business area:  Construction of the Kozienice-Miłosna 400 kV line

Project value: PLN 20,000

A safety town purchased with a grant from Polskie Sieci Energetyczne under the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program was set up on the premises of the “Tęczowa kraina” Kindergarten No. 2 in Karczew. It includes mats imitating asphalt, roundabouts and traffic signs. 

New educational activities using it, help prepare children for informed and responsible participation in traffic. The kindergarten hosts workshops, educational classes and meetings on how to behave on the streets, sidewalks, bike paths. Courtesy of police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Otwock, the children also participated in a meeting concerning safety and proper behavior on the road, and then had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills during practical activities with police officers. Kindergarteners from other institutions and first graders from primary schools are also invited to the town, which by October 2022 was used by approx. 125 children.

The project is aimed at increasing the safety of preschool children, and thus the safety of all road users. The new teaching aid is a very attractive way to transfer knowledge and practical skills. The organization of the safety town made it possible to prepare children for conscious and responsible participation in traffic by eliminating inappropriate attitudes, shaping concern for the safety of their own and other traffic participants, and promoting safe behavior patterns.


Purchase of water rescue equipment

PSE business area: Offshore Wind Farms

Project value: PLN 20,000

Construction of the Kozienice-Miłosna 400 kV line

The initiative of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Department in Somonino was aimed at enabling firefighters to intervene in the field of water rescue in the broadest sense, such as rescuing endangered people, removing environmental hazards and intervening in floods. The latter, due to increasing climate change, are occurring increasingly often, and consequently the number of actions taken by emergency services is also increasing. In addition, the Somonino area is home to a number of smaller and larger lakes and rivers, and therefore, the hazards that can be associated with them.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the servicemen of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Department in Somonino – approx. 45 people. Due to a grant from the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program, starting in September 2022, they have personal protective equipment and gear at their disposal, that will allow them to effectively provide assistance in water conditions. These include two water and ice rescue kits, consisting of wetsuits, life jackets, helmets, rescue darts, ropes, knives and special ice screws. Indirect beneficiaries are all residents of Somonino and surrounding villages, a total of approx. 25 thousand people.

Initiative area: EDUCATION

Creation of a mathematics and physics laboratory at the School

PSE business area: Construction of the 2 x 400 kV line between Trębaczew and the tap into Joachimów (Rokitnica)-Wielopole line

Project value: PLN 20,000

The objective of the project reported to the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program by the Association of Catholic Schools Friends was to equalize educational opportunities for students from the Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. św. Dominika Savio Public Primary School in Kłobuck by creating learning conditions at least at the same level as in large cities, making classes more attractive and adapting the conditions and methods of work to the needs of students with special education needs. Increasing the interest in science among girls and their more frequent consideration of these fields of study when choosing a secondary school was important as well.

A state-of-the-art mathematics and physics laboratory was set up at the school, equipped with teaching aids needed for effective work during mathematics and physics lessons. Thanks to the grant funds, the room was renovated, ergonomic furniture, an interactive monitor and educational equipment were purchased, such as the Van de Graaff generator with an electric sphere and a magnetic set for geometric optics with a diode laser. The laboratory has been in operation since November 2022, and is used by approx. 1,000 people – members of the school community.


Establishment of an ecological center and a weather station

PSE business area: Offshore Wind Farms

Project value: PLN 20,000

As part of a grant from the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program, the Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Szkoły Association in Nowa Wieś Lęborska carried out a project called “Nowowiejskie EKOcentrum na górce pod chmurką – czyli dla dużego i małego coś z przyrodą związanego” [Nowa Wieś Ecological Center on a hill under a cloud – in other words, something nature-related for big and small!] Its objective was to create at the Szkoła Podstawowa im. Strażaków Polskich Primary School in Nowa Wieś Lęborska an ecological laboratory, which would allow students to learn about and discover nature in an attractive way and improve the quality of environmental education at school. Ecology classes will be held in a natural environment, which will help students better understand the relationships that exist in nature.

The ecological laboratory established in September 2022 consists of several components. These include an open-air work shed – the seat of the ecological laboratory, plantings including melliferous plants and shrubs, and plaques to mark them, and a weather station equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation and wind direction and speed, which will allow observation and surveying of the elements of nature. In addition to the direct beneficiaries, which are students and teachers, the local community will also benefit from the effects of the project, which will be able to spend their free time in the ecological laboratory, learning about melliferous plant species, their importance and protection – the total number of recipients is approx. 1,000 people.


“Akademia MOCy” [Power Academy] – A DAY FULL OF EXPERIMENTS

PSE business area:

Construction of the Kozienice-Miłosna 400 kV line

Construction of the 400 kV Ostrołęka-Stanisławów line

Construction of the 400 kV Mikułowa-Świebodzice line

Project value: PLN 761,195

In 2022, PSE S.A. launched another series of educational events under the banner of “Akademia Mocy” for young people in the Mazowieckie voivodeship along the route of construction of the 400 kV Kozienice-Miłosna, and Ostrołęka-Stanisławów line, and in the Dolnośląskie voivodeship along the route of the construction of the 400 kV Mikułowa-Świebodzice line.

“Akademia Mocy” is an inspiring educational program that, thanks to its attractive form, allows students to explore the world of energy and learn about concepts and issues such as electricity, energy, power generation industry, long-distance power transmission, and energy security.

In order for the knowledge transferred to be attractive, we have prepared many spectacular experiments. Each event was conducted by Nikola Tesla and a fictional character – the PowerMan. Nikola Tesla, following his scientific disposition, engaged the students in an interesting discussion to understand the phenomena taking place. The PowerMan, on the other hand, introduced students to a wide variety of experiments in a humorous way.

Classes were held using, i.a., the Van de Graff generator, and students were able to produce lightning by themselves, investigate what plasma was, run fluorescent lights without plugging them in, check the power consumption of various devices and the intensity of the electromagnetic field. 

The main task of the students was to bring electricity to the city. To do this, the students had to connect a high-voltage line from the power plant to the city on a specially designed model. They learned how electricity gets to their homes and the role played by high-voltage transmission lines and substations, including those that are being built near their homes.

The whole action was aimed at letting the students know where the electricity in our sockets comes from and how much work was necessary to ensure its unobstructed use. In addition, it helped consolidate the information and remind students of important concepts in physics, biology and geography related to electricity and power generation industry in an innovative way using a modern method and techniques.

Video showing activities in one of the municipalities in the area of construction of the 400 kV Kozienice-Miłosna line:

Key figures


Overhaul of the school library

PSE business area: Construction of the Kozienice-Miłosna 400 kV line

Project value: PLN 20,000

.As part of a grant from the Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie program, a room was overhauled and adapted for a school library at the Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa im o. S. Papczyńskiego Public Primary School in Mariańskie Porzecze (Wilga municipality). Until now, the school did not have adequate space for the library – it was located in a separate place in the corridor. Setting up and adapting a separate space, as well as equipping it with a laptop and a computer program that facilitates book lending, has greatly improved its operation. The scope of the project, titled by the organizers “Czytać każdy może… Rozwój czytelnictwa we współdziałaniu ze środowiskiem lokalnym jako konstruktywne spędzanie czasu wolnego” [Everyone can read... Development of reading in an interaction with the local environment as a constructive leisure activity] was more extensive. In addition to preparing a room for the library, a recreation spot for students was set up, and library resources were computerized and archived.

The initiative has made the library a more modern and attractive place for young audience. The school gained a place to conduct activities to promote reading among students, who were provided with a comfortable place for recreation, painted according to their design and equipped with comfortable poufs and seats. The new school library has been in operation since October 2022, and the number of users is approx. 150.


Equipment of the room for dance and movement activities

PSE business area:  Construction of the Kozienice-Miłosna 400 kV line

Project value: PLN 16,750

The objective of the project, implemented by the Kozienicki Dom Kultury im. Bogusława Klimczuka Cultural Center in Kozienice titled “#WzMOCnij ciało w KDK” [Empower your body at KDK] was to equip the dance hall with modern equipment, which allowed for expanding its offer of exercise classes for residents. The facility's activities are addressed mainly to children, teenagers and senior citizens, and due to the purchased equipment, the institution's offer has been enriched by free therapeutic and general development classes for children and teenagers with different levels of fitness, including those with physical disabilities. For the participants, it is a time of great fun, but also an activity that supports their development, integrates them, and helps them overcome the difficulties of everyday life.

As a result thereof, the purchased equipment enabled the extension of the offer of activities held at the Cultural Center in Kozienice in accordance with the needs reported by residents. The organizers of the project also assume that the regular form of the implemented activities will translate into a change of habits in a significant number of residents, which will allow them to maintain their interest in the offer of physical activities for years, and thus in the long run will contribute to improving their health and physical condition. The enhanced offer of classes starting in September 2022 is addressed to all residents of the Kozienice municipality, and is also used by residents of the entire Kozienice district and neighboring districts. The organizers estimate that the new offer will reach approx. 1,000 participants over a 5-year period.


Community fridge

PSE business area: PodborzeConstruction of the 220 kV Podborze line

Project value: PLN 20,000

The Municipal Social Care Center in Godów was the winner of the fourth edition of the “Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie” program thanks to the "Poczęstuj się” [Treat Yourself] project, which was aimed at purchasing a community fridge for the residents of the municipality. It is a public place, where residents in a better life situation can leave food for others – those in need. The device was installed at the Godów Municipal Office building, in a central, but secluded location, providing comfort and discretion of use for people in difficult life situations.

The idea for the project originated from a diagnosed need to support residents in accessing free food due to a large increase in market prices. The use of available forms of support sometimes raises concerns because of the perceived stigmatizing nature. At the same time, a major social and environmental problem is the high level of food wasting in our society: according to the Supreme Audit Office, most food, as much as 60%, is thrown away in households. The purchase of a community fridge will help balance the management of food resources and shape a sense of community and social sensitivity among the residents of the municipality. The community fridge has been operating in Godów since November 2022 and serves all residents of the municipality – approx. 13 thousand people.

Purchase of equipment to enable mute people to communicate

PSE business area: Construction of the Praga (Żerań) 220/110 kV substation

Project value: PLN 19,600

The “Dla Nich” [For Them] Foundation from the Białołęka district in Warsaw carried out a project for the persons under their care, the aim of which was to enable mute people to communicate with the outside world using equipment based on modern technology. Among the residents of the Białołęka district are people who, due to developmental disorders and disabilities, need support in communicating. The idea of the project is to equalize communication opportunities for these people, to increase their activity within the local community, and to convince the environment that the use of alternative communication for non-speaking people is a necessity and a chance for their development.

Until now, a significant barrier has been the cost of purchasing equipment as well as beliefs and stereotypes about the effectiveness of alternative forms of communication. Thanks to the grant funds, the Foundation purchased six sets – tablets with “Mówik” alternative communication software, which have been available to people who do not communicate verbally since September 2022. In addition, neurological speech consultations were arranged for those using the devices. Alternative communication is an opportunity for them to develop and increase their independence. Indirectly, it will be also beneficial for families whose members do not communicate verbally and those around people with disabilities (friends, neighbors). The total number of beneficiaries is approx. 300 people, and the purchase was completed in September 2022.


By the end of December 2022, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne handed over to Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian transmission system operator, nearly 200 tons of spare parts worth almost PLN 11 million, and nearly 1,000-ton 750 kV autotransformer. The first of seven shipments with equipment donated by PSE arrived in Ukraine as early as March 19. In the following months, we delivered dozens of transformers, surge arresters, disconnecting switches, distance protections, teletechnical equipment and nearly 70 km of LV cables. PSE support facilitated not only the reconstruction of war damage. The donated equipment enabled the launch of the 400 kV Poland-Ukraine interconnection, through which the transmission of electricity between the Polish and Ukrainian transmission systems has been possible since May 2023.

PSE has also been involved in supporting refugees. Since the beginning of the conflict, the Company has provided shelter for the families of employees of the Ukrainian transmission system operator. By the end of 2022, more than 120 people were under PSE's care.

Key figures

the total value donated by PSE for social actions in 2022.

the total value of projects implemented under the Wzmocnij Swoje Otoczenie grant program.

social projects implemented in 9 voivodeships.

support for Ukraine in connection with the war with Russia (refugee assistance and infrastructural support).

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