IMPACT ON SOCIETY AND EMPLOYEESDevelopment of regions and local communities

Key numbers from this chapter(as at the end of 2022)

Investments in regional development

Our public purpose infrastructure investments, including the construction of power substations and extra-high voltage lines, significantly raise living standards in the entire country.

By guaranteeing stable electricity supplies in a given area, PSE helps to perform a number of functions that are important for regions and local communities.

Benefits of infrastructure investments:

  • ensuring energy security and supplies for the region by increasing electricity availability,
  • reducing the risk of failure by replacement of worn and used systems with ones of modern designs,
  • increasing the region's investment attractiveness by providing suitable conditions for enterprises to locate and develop their business activities, which results in new jobs as well as tax revenues for commune budgets,
  • reducing electricity losses and, consequently, electricity costs, by increasing the voltage levels in transmission networks and using high quality materials for their construction,
  • significant budget revenues from taxes paid to communes – every year the commune budgets receive fees in the amount of 2% of the value of the projects completed in their area in the form of real property tax,
  • development of local businesses – hiring local companies as subcontractors,
  • the impetus for modernisation and development of local electricity distributor infrastructure,
  • increasing connection possibilities for local energy generation sources, including RES in particular
  • creating conditions for further dynamic development of electromobility.
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